Play Harder

Or do I need a new tagline?

I have it on my business cards, so it is what it is for the next 2500 cards!



I like it!  But BOY! is it time consuming.  The autofix option is nice, but I want to be able to select almost all of the images– or at lease the ones I only had my phone to take pictures with.

A friend of mine was kind enough to show me some basic photography– I dont consider myself an artist in that way, and really just want that to handle itself!  But it won’t so, I trudge through it.

I am proud of how its coming together though!  Nice inventory, great way to show off things for sale— now to hook some customers. Hmmmm.




Rope Bondage and Updated pictures!

Here is my new photobucket account== I like it much better than picasa!!

**Please note: The bears are very kinky and have a variety of tastes. No bears are harmed during their making and all bondage is purely consensual.**

I still have quite a few to add.  I am very proud of  my more recent work and can’t wait to show it off.

 I had fun today figuring out how to tie up this bear!  I think the “rope” needs to be thicker, but I can make this work for now.  She’s cute!  But needs something.  Any suggestions?

Neat trick for small pets!

Baby jackets!  Garanimals costs $3.88 at Wally World!  Look at this pissed off Walrus!

Starting a Cottage Business

I need as many ideas I can get on how to promote my cottage business.  I need to be a stay at home mom and I NEED a full time income, while STILL going to school.

So far I have my facebook page to be liked, I have my etsy up and running, I need some business cards.  I have a few things on ebay, and I am going to claim my business on every “place page” style thing on every search engine.  I’m going to hit the flea market, but I really want to be rolling NOW.

Anybody have some links, ideas, or straight-up gorilla marketing tactics for me?


I am so excited to get a new blog started! Yippee!